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Here is my


Real Name (or name you wish to be referred to): Lydia or Pouncer
LJ Username: Stray_Pounce
Age: 15
Living In: Australia


Are you applying for yourself or for a character you've created? Myself kinda.

If you are NOT applying for a character there is no need to fill in the following part, unless you are playing a modified version of yourself:

Name of Character: Lydia Luther
Heritage (pure-blood, half-blood, muggle-born): Pure-blood.
Background: Father, Lawrence Luther was a death eater. Fought a good battle. Mother, Ella Evelyn wasn't a bad person just went with the bad people. She fell in love with Lawrence spite what he believed in. She loves her only daughter and would do anything for her. Father was in Slytherin. Mother was in Ravenclaw.

Please answer the following questions, and assume there is an "and Why?" on the end of ALL of them:


You're just about to sorted into your first year at Hogwarts! What would be going through your mind?: Look at all these kids. God they look like they have seen a ghost. Me personally know I will be put in to a good house.

Professor McGonnagall shows you towards the stool and places the hat upon your head - it takes a moment to think before shouting out your House. How do you react? How do the students of your sorted house react? I knew I would be in Slytherin. I've always been more like my father. All the students are pleased to have me, my father was well known.

Sitting at the dinner table with fellow students around you, what kind of people would you want to talk to first? The busy ones, or the very quiet ones? Who would interest you? Who would you observe? Well I would already know the majority of people at my table. I would observe mostly anyone. If their in my house. Their worth my time.(mostly)

Imagine you're sat at your dormitory window on your first night: the others are asleep in their beds. What's going through your mind? Everything and anything. What will happen after Hogwarts, to what teacher will be the nicest.

Assume all questions end with 'Why?'

Who is your favourite character in HP?: Remus Lupin, because he is such a sweetheart, been through all that and still going strong.

Who is your LEAST favourite character in HP? Cho Chang, she's so stupid. Its just she is such an idiot. Trying to make harry jealous, making things complicated. Just annoying.

What occupation interests you / what would you most like to do in the HP books?: Death Eater, Or run my own shop somewhere selling anything and everything. More like old found things.

To you, what is the most important message in the Harry Potter books?: Well their is a fair few. I think maybe, work hard at what you want and you will achieve your goal.

If you were told you had to kill off someone in the HP books, who would it be? (please don't answer Voldemort, we'd all like to see the back of him): The Ministry. Lol well a bomb go off there or something. They just get in the way of eveything! Stupid argh.

How would YOU finish the HP series in book 7?: With Harry finding all the Horcruxes beating Voldie. Sirius coming back. and some how harrys parents. lol I dont know. Thats why its up to the one and only J.K

If you were chosen to carry on the HP series by JK Rowling and to carry on the adventures, would you or wouldn't you and why? I would never! I wouldn't be able to take where Jo left off. Her Imaginating is like a billion times better then mine. She took years just plannign out the books. I would be able to take over HP. No one would buy it lol.

If you answered 'Yes' to the previous question, how would you continue the series, what stories?

Assume all questions end with 'Why?'

If you were a jewel you'd be: Diamond, because I find them so beautiful and simple.
If you were an animagus you'd be: A Feline. I always have the cat in me. Not like a tommy cat, like a.. big cat. A big silver grey cat.
If you were an emotion you'd be: Stressed. Cause thats all I feel latly.
If you were a weapon you'd be: Chainsaw. Loud and messy.
If you were a tool you'd be: Jigsaw. Twisting and turning making shapes. lol not sure exatly why.
If you were a spell you'd be: Imperius curse, making people do what I want them to.
If you were a good quality in a person, you'd be: Friendly. I'm always trying to make new friends and making people feel a ease.
If you were a bad quality, you'd be: Well I'd be more of a mood swing. Jumping at small things getting up people who done some insignificant thing.
If you were someone / something in Hogwarts you'd be: Marauders Map
Why? I'd know where everyone was and when. I'd be so helpfull.
If you were anywhere on earth, you'd be: England, I love it. I love the cold.
If you were anyTHING on earth or in your life, you'd be: A River. Flowing free.

If you had to choose:
Assume all questions end with 'Why?'

The Order or the Death Eaters? Death Eaters, Always had a soft spot for being the baddy.
Snape or Malfoy? Snape. He's more, experienced.
Luna or Ginny? Luna. No Ginny. No.. Luna cause I'm more like Luna.
Crucio or Avada Kedavra? Avada Kedavra. Get it over and done with. Not a Time Waster. Unless they were someone I really wanted to get to.
Harry dying or Harry living in book 7? Living! That would be so sad if he dies!!!
Voldemort dead (Closed ending) or Voldemort not-quite-dead-but-people-think-he is (Open ending)?: Well more like a dead that he cant do any bad anymore. But still around.. like. Hmm yeah I dont know.

Any last words? I loved doing this App. xD Sorry for any spelling mistakes.

Thank you for filling in this application! let the sorting begin!
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