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Real Name (or name you wish to be referred to): Cassie
LJ Username: babiee_blingzs
Age: 16
Living In: The United States; but I was born in London, England.


Are you applying for yourself or for a character you've created? the best character i know how to be; MYSELF =]

If you are NOT applying for a character there is no need to fill in the following part, unless you are playing a modified version of yourself:

Name of Character:
Heritage (pure-blood, half-blood, muggle-born):

Please answer the following questions, and assume there is an "and Why?" on the end of ALL of them:


You're just about to sorted into your first year at Hogwarts! What would be going through your mind?: I'm sure I would be nervous, but I would also be very excited! I would be wondering what house the hat would decide to place me in, and whether my fellow housemates would welcome me.

Professor McGonnagall shows you towards the stool and places the hat upon your head - it takes a moment to think before shouting out your House. How do you react? How do the students of your sorted house react?
: I'm probably a bit shaken, as I'm not used to hearing a hat yell at me; but I'm also excited and, I would imagine, proud. The students of my sorted house are friendly and hopefully just as overjoyed as I am with my sorting. I'm excited for the coming year, and interested to find out what sort of things I'll be learning and what sort of tasks to expect.

Sitting at the dinner table with fellow students around you, what kind of people would you want to talk to first? The busy ones, or the very quiet ones? Who would interest you? Who would you observe?: I'm usually very outgoing, and eager to make friends. I would probably talk to anyone who looked capable of holding an intelligent conversation, though I would most likely stick to people my own age. I'm most likely to approach people who are smiling or laughing, especially because a good sense of humor is a personality trait I feel my friends should have. I would observe the older students and maybe ask them questions about what Hogwarts is like, the classes I can expect to be taking, etc.

Imagine you're sat at your dormitory window on your first night: the others are asleep in their beds. What's going through your mind?: There is probably a lot on my mind, I'm always thinking. I'm wondering what my first day of classes is going to be like, what kind of friends I'll make, what the teachers are like, and probably, what it's like to fly (because I imagine that if I were to be a student at Hogwarts, I'd probably be muggle-born, I don't really know why).

Assume all questions end with 'Why?'

Who is your favourite character in HP?: Hermione Granger, no doubt about it. True, she can be annoying at times because of her know-it-all personality, but I think she's an amazing character. Not only is she extremely intelligent and devoted to her studies, but she's also willing to help others and thinks fast in dangerous situations. She's not afraid to break a few rules if its for good reason, and she always stands up for what she believes is right.

Who is your LEAST favourite character in HP?
: I'm going to say Hagrid. He's not a bad character, and it's not that I hate him or anything, he just irks me at times. He's funny at times, yes, but altogether quite irritating and I don't feel like the plot would suffer too much without him.

What occupation interests you / what would you most like to do in the HP books?: I would love to be an auror. I think defense against the dark arts is extremely fascinating, as is transfiguration. I wish I could be like Tonks, in the sense that I could change my appearance at will; that would be so awesome. Plus, being an auror makes you feel like you have a purpose; hunting dark wizards and doing good for wizardkind. It's also such a thrill because it's a dangerous job, and I doubt it's ever boring.

To you, what is the most important message in the Harry Potter books?
: I think the most important message represented in the books is perseverance. Harry goes through so much throughout the series and is constantly facing new challenges. He barely has time to rest from one challenge before the next one comes up, and I imagine that this is extremely frustrating. Yet, Harry has never given up. He continues to fight as hard as he can in order to finish on top, no matter how difficult things get. I also think it's important that he knows when to ask for help, whether from his friends or from an older figure (as he did with Sirius). You can't always go it alone.

If you were told you had to kill off someone in the HP books, who would it be? (please don't answer Voldemort, we'd all like to see the back of him): I would have to say Cho Chang. I know she doesn't play a particularly large part in the books, but she has bothered me since the first time she was ever mentioned. I hated the idea of her and Harry together, and she just always seems so whiney and annoying to me, especially since OoTP.

How would YOU finish the HP series in book 7?: I want Harry to triumph over Voldemort, desperately, so I would definitely have him find all the Horcruxes and finish him off; except I don't think I'd have Harry murder Voldemort. I'd rather have him put Voldemort in a situation where he COULD be killed, thought I'm not sure how much sense I'm making here. And I'd have Harry and Ginny get back together, and Ron and Hermione would finally be together, as well. I'd also bring Sirius back at some point, and I really want Harry to see his parents before the end of the book, and I want to see the trio go back to Hogwarts.

If you were chosen to carry on the HP series by JK Rowling and to carry on the adventures, would you or wouldn't you and why?: Definitely not. I could never live up to J.K. Rowling as an author and I'm sure I'd be a disappointment to readers.

If you answered 'Yes' to the previous question, how would you continue the series, what stories?

Assume all questions end with 'Why?'

If you were a jewel you'd be: Hrm. I love gemstones, like rubies and emeralds; so probably one of those. They're just so beautiful, and the colors are so vibrant.
If you were an animagus you'd be: Well, my favorite animal is a penguin, though I don't see how that would work out as an animagus.. So, I'd probably be a small and friendly dog, like a beagle. I have a beagle, and I love him =]
If you were an emotion you'd be: love. It's such a poweful emotion. I link it with passion, and I'm a very passionate person.
If you were a weapon you'd be: Probably a sword, because it just seems practical. It was certainly relied on for a long enough period of time.
If you were a tool you'd be: Either a hammer or a screwdriver, because I could manage to mend just about anything.
If you were a spell you'd be: Protego; To shield myself, obviously. I'm the kind of person who isn't easily offended by insults, almost as if I have a "shield" that allows the comments to simply roll off me without doing any harm.
If you were a good quality in a person, you'd be: Loyalty. I'm fiercely loyal to my friends and family and wouldn't ever dream ot betraying them. I value their trust.
If you were a bad quality, you'd be: Impatience or Procrastination, which I guess sort of contradict themselves. I hate waiting around for things to happen, but at the same time, I get side-tracked a lot and tend to put off things I have to do, especially if they're things I'm not looking forward to.
If you were someone / something in Hogwarts you'd be: Hermione, I guess.
Why? I identify with her a lot, though not so much in the know-it-all sense. I like how she can be close friends with the boys, yet still be girly at times (for example, getting all "pretty" for the Yule Ball and being excited about going with Viktor, etc). I also like how she uses her quick wit and intelligence in times of danger to save both her own neck as well as Harry and Ron's. She's also opinionated and stands up for her beliefs.
If you were anywhere on earth, you'd be: Europe, perferably London. It's where I was born, and a lot of my family on my mother's side lives over there. I love it.
If you were anyTHING on earth or in your life, you'd be: I don't think I want to be anything other than human, because I think humans are the only beings with the power to love, and that, I believe, is something truly special.

If you had to choose:
Assume all questions end with 'Why?'

The Order or the Death Eaters? The order, obviously. They're fighting for a greater cause; to rid the wizarding world of evil.
Snape or Malfoy? Snape. I despise Malfoy, and although I'm not very fond of Snape, I don't believe that the's truly evil.
Luna or Ginny? Ginny. I love her as a character, and there's just something special about her; being the seventh daughter, I suppose, has something to do with it. Speaking of which, she's the youngest in her family, which I guess I identify with also.
Crucio or Avada Kedavra? Avada Kedavra. Get it over with, I'm not one to enjoy seeing others in pain.
Harry dying or Harry living in book 7? Living, please! I want Harry to defeat Voldemort and join the aurors in tracking down those death eaters who remain faithful to Voldemort even in death, preventing them from ever continuing his (Voldemort's) work.
Voldemort dead (Closed ending) or Voldemort not-quite-dead-but-people-think-he is (Open ending)?: Dead, finished, gone. Never to be seen again. I normally like open endings, but for the final book, I'd prefer a closed one.

Any last words? Happy sorting! I'm very excited about this, and extremely interested in what house you think fits me best =]

Thank you for filling in this application! let the sorting begin!
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