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My Application form =P


Real Name (or name you wish to be referred to): Sarah

LJ Username: oceano_soleil

Age: 17

Living In: Ontario, Canada


Are you applying for yourself or for a character you've created? Myself! I'm not creative enough to make up someone =P

If you are NOT applying for a character there is no need to fill in the following part, unless you are playing a modified version of yourself:

Name of Character:

Heritage (pure-blood, half-blood, muggle-born):


Please answer the following questions, and assume there is an "and Why?" on the end of ALL of them:


You're just about to sorted into your first year at Hogwarts! What would be going through your mind?: I'd be nervous! Most likely, I'd be scared if I would make friends or not, but I'd try to be calm on the outside. I'd also hope the Sorting Hat wouldn't take too long. All those people staring at you. Scary.

Professor McGonnagall shows you towards the stool and places the hat upon your head - it takes a moment to think before shouting out your House. How do you react? How do the students of your sorted house react? A relieved smile. I'd try to get off the stool and make it down to my house table without tripping or something equally embarrassing. The students of my house would clap politely (I hope). The ones I would sit across from would introduce themselves.

Sitting at the dinner table with fellow students around you, what kind of people would you want to talk to first? The busy ones, or the very quiet ones? Who would interest you? Who would you observe? The quiet ones would interest me the most because I'm quiet myself. Also, I find quiet people mysterious and intriguing. I'd probably talk to the busy ones first though, in hopes of finding a quick acquaintance.

Imagine you're sat at your dormitory window on your first night: the others are asleep in their beds. What's going through your mind? I'd be missing my home, but I'd also be glad of the freedom. We all have to leave home someday, why not enjoy it? I'd probably be nervous about classes the next day. More scared of finding the classroom in time then making friends.


Assume all questions end with 'Why?'

Who is your favourite character in HP?: My favorite character is Remus Lupin because of his beautiful personality. He's quiet and has good mannerisms, but he's also loyal and honest.

Who is your LEAST favorite character in HP? My least favorite character is Hagrid. Honestly, I find him kind of annoying and loud. Although I like his loyalty and protectiveness, he can get out of hand sometimes.

What occupation interests you / what would you most like to do in the HP books?: I'd like to be either an Auror or a Healer. They both make a difference in the wizarding community, but also gives you hands on work. And in the case of being an Auror, to blow off steam =P

To you, what is the most important message in the Harry Potter books?: The most important message for me would be that even though times can get rough, courage for yourself and your friends can go a long way. We're all in the same boat.

If you were told you had to kill off someone in the HP books, who would it be? (please don't answer Voldemort, we'd all like to see the back of him): I would have originally said Dumbledore, but since I've been beaten to it, I'd say Ron Weasley. It would create lost of emotion in the books, for Harry and Hermione especially. But mostly because I don't really trust Ron. I think he has too much pent up jealousy towards Harry.

How would YOU finish the HP series in book 7?: Hmm...I'd probably have Harry and Voldemort dual it off, a rather large explosion, and both of them die. Yes, it's harsh I know, but I feel as though it would be a fitting end for Harry. He'd be reunited with his parents and Sirius, and he'd be able to leave the wizarding community to enjoy the world they worked so hard for.

If you were chosen to carry on the HP series by JK Rowling and to carry on the adventures, would you or wouldn't you and why? I'd like to, but probably wouldn't. For one thing, I'm not very good with deadlines. But I think I'd mostly be afraid with not living up to the amazing books before.

If you answered 'Yes' to the previous question, how would you continue the series, what stories?


Assume all questions end with 'Why?'

If you were a jewel you'd be: I'd be a tourmaline. It's a beautiful jewel with bright, vibrant colours. It's a very elegant looking jewel which suits me well.

If you were an animagus you'd be: Probably something quiet like a cat. I like to stay out of the spot light, but be a leader in my own group.

If you were an emotion you'd be: That's a tough one. I'd probably be pride. I'm happy with who I am, and proud of my friends because they are lovely people. I don't care what people think about me, but I can't deny that I enjoy compliments =P

If you were a weapon you'd be: I'd be a sword because it's the most dependable. It's also a graceful and silent weapon.

If you were a tool you'd be: Hmm... I'd be a hammer because I can fix almost anything thing I botch up =P

If you were a spell you'd be: I'd probably be Imperio because I sometimes use others for my advantage. Sometimes without even realizing it =P

If you were a good quality in a person, you'd be: I'd be optimism. I usually find my way out situations by thinking positively.

If you were a bad quality, you'd be: I'd be stubbornness or pride. If it came down to it, I'd probably end up ditching my friends because my pride took over. Bad trait, I know.

If you were someone / something in Hogwarts you'd be: I'd be Severus Snape.

Why? I'd like being Snape because I could watch over the students without them even knowing it because they would think that I hate them. Plus, I'd be able to blow off steam on the Gryffindors. =P

If you were anywhere on earth, you'd be: I'd be in Ireland, preferably near the coast. It's very beautiful there and full of lore.

If you were anyTHING on earth or in your life, you'd be: I'd be my computer =P It'd be great to be able to have access to anything you wanted.

If you had to choose:

Assume all questions end with 'Why?'

The Order or the Death Eaters? That's a tough one. I guess I'd go with the Order, even though I have good/bad reasons for both.

Snape or Malfoy? Snape, because he has the most to deal with. (And he deals with it gracefully =P)

Luna or Ginny? Luna. Basically because I despise Ginny.

Crucio or Avada Kedavra? Avada Kedavra. Gets the job done but doesn't cause any pain.

Harry dying or Harry living in book 7? Harry dying. I believe that would be the most fitting end.

Voldemort dead (Closed ending) or Voldemort not-quite-dead-but-people-think-he is (Open ending)?: Since it's the last book, I'd want Voldemort dead and gone =P

Any last words? Umm...I'm excited? =P I can't wait to see where I get sorted!

Thank you for filling in this application! let the sorting begin!

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