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Real Name (or name you wish to be referred to):Angie
LJ Username:hw2balumberjack
Living In: america


Are you applying for yourself or for a character you've created? me/character sortof

If you are NOT applying for a character there is no need to fill in the following part, unless you are playing a modified version of yourself:

Name of Character: Catriona
Heritage (pure-blood, half-blood, muggle-born):half-blood
Background: She was born on the run, her parents were both aurors. But her mother said she was born in a small town in scotland. Though she never knew her father, he was killed protecting the ones he loved. Her mother was a half-blood and so was her father. She now lives with her mother's sister,because her mother went back to being an auror, she has been missing for four years now. So Catriona is an orphan, but she never gives up the hope her mother is still alive. She wants to become and auror like her parents and avenge their deaths.
Please answer the following questions, and assume there is an "and Why?" on the end of ALL of them:


You're just about to sorted into your first year at Hogwarts! What would be going through your mind?:Please put me in Gryffindor.....please oh please put me in Gryffindor...just don't put me in Slytherin...
Professor McGonnagall shows you towards the stool and places the hat upon your head - it takes a moment to think before shouting out your House. How do you react? How do the students of your sorted house react? I am happy, the students expected none the less, those who know me that is.

Sitting at the dinner table with fellow students around you, what kind of people would you want to talk to first? The busy ones, or the very quiet ones? Who would interest you? Who would you observe? I would talk to anyone who is around me loud or quiet, any hot or intelligent guy would interest me. I would observe anyone who is suspicious.

Imagine you're sat at your dormitory window on your first night: the others are asleep in their beds. What's going through your mind? I can't believe i am in Hogwarts, this is mind blowing, now i am on my way to becoming a witch. Am i going to be good enough, how shall i help the world with my new found powers?

Assume all questions end with 'Why?'

Who is your favourite character in HP?: hmmm, thats a hard one, ill have to say ginny weasley, because of her dispostion and i too am in love with harry potter.

Who is your LEAST favourite character in HP? it is a tie between draco malfoy and snape, because draco is just a jerk and snape killed dumbledore.

What occupation interests you / what would you most like to do in the HP books?: hmm, i would want to be an auror

To you, what is the most important message in the Harry Potter books?: if you believe in yourself, you can overcome life's greatest challanges

If you were told you had to kill off someone in the HP books, who would it be? (please don't answer Voldemort, we'd all like to see the back of him): either that witch of a headmisstress in book five or draco malfoy

How would YOU finish the HP series in book 7?: by the total destruction of voldermort, the return of sirius black, harry potter marrying ginny, ron marrying hermonie, and having their little children go off to hogwarts.

If you were chosen to carry on the HP series by JK Rowling and to carry on the adventures, would you or wouldn't you and why? no i wouldn't because i couldn't live up to her readers expectations and i am no where of being as good a writer as JK Rowling. Personally i like being the reader instead of the writer.

If you answered 'Yes' to the previous question, how would you continue the series, what stories?

Assume all questions end with 'Why?'

If you were a jewel you'd be: a blue sapphire, i just like the color so deep, i get lost in thought when i look at one.
If you were an animagus you'd be: a horse because it is my favorite animal, but imaginary one, i would be a pegasus, flying makes all the difference.
If you were an emotion you'd be: peaceful because at that state nothing can overcome you.
If you were a weapon you'd be: the long bow, because of its elegance and its long range
If you were a tool you'd be: A hammer, because it can fix about anything, that and duct tape.
If you were a spell you'd be: i would be Expecto Patronum because i would want to defend my loved ones against dark ones
If you were a good quality in a person, you'd be: charity because it is essential in a person, if they are to make a difference
If you were a bad quality, you'd be: Jealousy, because it is not as bad as the others, and it can sometimes bring about good things.
If you were someone / something in Hogwarts you'd be:I would be Ginny weasley
Why? because she is going to marry harry potter
If you were anywhere on earth, you'd be: In New Zealand because of all the open spaces and all the geeness
If you were anyTHING on earth or in your life, you'd be: I would be a wild horse, because they are so free, and strong

If you had to choose:
Assume all questions end with 'Why?'

The Order or the Death Eaters? The order because i am for the good guys, and good trumiphs over evil
Snape or Malfoy? snape because i dont think he is all bad.
Luna or Ginny? Ginny, she is so much more sane
Crucio or Avada Kedavra? Crucio, i dont like to kill.
Harry dying or Harry living in book 7? Harry Living, he needs to live on to cast out all evil of the world and make harry jrs.
Voldemort dead (Closed ending) or Voldemort not-quite-dead-but-people-think-he is (Open ending)?: Voldemort dead because jk rowling said only seven.

Any last words? Please sort me to which house you think best suits me. Thank you for your time, have a nice day.

Thank you for filling in this application! let the sorting begin!
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