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Application ^_^


Real Name (or name you wish to be referred to): Victoria or Tori
LJ Username: emo_riffic
Age: 16
Living In:Bath, Michigan


Are you applying for yourself or for a character you've created?

If you are NOT applying for a character there is no need to fill in the following part, unless you are playing a modified version of yourself:

Name of Character:
Heritage (pure-blood, half-blood, muggle-born):

Please answer the following questions, and assume there is an "and Why?" on the end of ALL of them:


You're just about to sorted into your first year at Hogwarts! What would be going through your mind?: I would be frightened. Wondering about which house I would be sorted into, and wondering if I would ever fit in.

Professor McGonnagall shows you towards the stool and places the hat upon your head - it takes a moment to think before shouting out your House. How do you react? How do the students of your sorted house react? A relief that it is done and over with, that I know what House I was put into. Yet, the butterflies still remain, as I wonder how the people within the House are going to treat me. The students of my House seem to be really nice, and appeared grateful that I joined their House.

Sitting at the dinner table with fellow students around you, what kind of people would you want to talk to first? The busy ones, or the very quiet ones? Who would interest you? Who would you observe? I'm very, very shy. I would probably sit there staring out into space with figuring out if I would fit-in. I would just sit and wait for someone to talk to me most likely.

Imagine you're sat at your dormitory window on your first night: the others are asleep in their beds. What's going through your mind? Nervousness about starting school, about making new friends. Wondering if the teachers will like me, and of course the thought of being away from home, away from loved ones.

Assume all questions end with 'Why?'

Who is your favourite character in HP?: I love all the Weasly's. They are all just so unique, and they stand out, not just because of their hair but with their awesomely bright and witty personalities. Plus, they make me laugh.

Who is your LEAST favourite character in HP? I'm not quite sure, right at this moment I would have to say that Hermione Granger actually bugs me a lot. Her no-it-all attitude just annoys me extremely.

What occupation interests you / what would you most like to do in the HP books?: I would have to say either being a teacher or headmaster at Hogwarts or being an Auror. I think I would rather be an Auror though, the excitement, the danger; seems like loads of fun and hard work.

To you, what is the most important message in the Harry Potter books?: No matter what, through any obstacle you can accomplish anything, that you should let any one tell you otherwise, and that friendship and love can conquer all, even magic.

If you were told you had to kill off someone in the HP books, who would it be? (please don't answer Voldemort, we'd all like to see the back of him): I would probably say, Neville’s parents, it's sad that they reside within St. Mungos Hospital. I don't think they should have to live with such deformities caused by Beatrix.

How would YOU finish the HP series in book 7?: Well, not sure. But I think, think, that the book is ending with Harry Potter and Voldemort no clues. I can't wait until the 7th book comes out ^_^

If you were chosen to carry on the HP series by JK Rowling and to carry on the adventures, would you or wouldn't you and why? I wouldn't because I would leave the Harry Potter series the way it is. In my mind, there is no need in altering stories or carrying on the adventure.

If you answered 'Yes' to the previous question, how would you continue the series, what stories?

Assume all questions end with 'Why?'

If you were a jewel you'd be: I’m not sure…a pearl, old fashioned, plain yet tasteful.
If you were an animagus you'd be: A Siamese cat. So elegant, and beautiful.
If you were an emotion you'd be: confidence and trust.
If you were a weapon you'd be: I'm not sure...poison since it can work in many ways.
If you were a tool you'd be: I would be a crowbar, handy in all types of situations
If you were a spell you'd be: Avada Kedavra, it's the worst spell of them all.
If you were a good quality in a person, you'd be: Trust. I give people confidence in themselves when they are too weak to find it, I comfort them when they are down. I am their rock to lean on.
If you were a bad quality, you'd be: Envy. Sometimes jealousy just overcomes you when you least expect it.
If you were someone / something in Hogwarts you'd be: Well, I would love the being the sorting hat. Even though I would have to wait in Dumbledore’s office until the beginning of the school year. I would love resting on the tops of the first years heads while I tell them what their houses are.
Why? explained up above ^_^
If you were anywhere on earth, you'd be: In a place where I am able to live the way I want without people criticizing me. A place where I do not have to fear.
If you were anyTHING on earth or in your life, you'd be: I'm not sure. I would like to remain myself, but away from all the drama, and away from people who don't listen and don't care about what I feel.

If you had to choose:
Assume all questions end with 'Why?'

The Order or the Death Eaters? I would be fighting along side people I adore firstly. Secondly I would be fighting for the protection of the wizarding community by trying to defeat Voldemort and his little death eaters.
Snape or Malfoy? Snape, I love his sarcasm and he has power, so I choose Snape.
Luna or Ginny? Luna. Ah, I love her personality. It just so poppy, and strange and unique I love it.
Crucio or Avada Kedavra? Avada Kedavra, you shouldn’t torture anyone no matter who they are.
Harry dying or Harry living in book 7? I want him to live! It would just make everything end nicely, like the way things should. But most likely that is not going to happen.
Voldemort dead (Closed ending) or Voldemort not-quite-dead-but-people-think-he is (Open ending)?: Dead, of course. One, you don’t want people creating more stories after the 7th, unless it’s JK Rowling herself. And two, if the series went on too long it would become boring.

Any last words? ^_^ Thank you for taking your time reading my application and sort me in the House you believe to be appropriate for me.

Thank you for filling in this application! let the sorting

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Please put your post behind an lj-cut before you can be sorted. thank you.
Woops, forgot. Sorry.
that's fine :)
I have no doubt that GRYFFINDOR is where u belong. trust , loyalty and friendship are your main quailties.
Thank You! ^_^