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HP House Pride

Where will the hat sort you?

Hogwarts House Pride
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Welcome to HP House Pride!
A Harry Potter related Role Playing Game

HP House Pride is a community for Harry Potter fans, by HP fans. We aim to make this community a fun, involving and lively one, with regular events, sorting, quizzes and more so that it will thrive - just like Hogwarts!!

It is similar to sorting elite, however we don't squib people here. We have a certain standard for applications among students, yes, but we believe that there is a place for everyone in Hogwarts - you don't necessarily have to be a fangirl, have read books more than 50 times or know every spell off by heart including their translations etc - all we ask is that you have an active interest or passion in the Harry Potter books and are willing to contribute to this community.

You can be a character you created or yourself as you roam the halls of Hogwarts, reading up on the current affairs with the Daily Prophet or studying hard in lessons.

We're going to aim to have the following communities branched off from the main one here: House Common Rooms, Classrooms, hp_hogsmeade, 3_broomsticks_, Diagon Alley, Knockturn Alley, hp_daily_proph, and hp_graphics_, where students can show off their icon-making abilities in a challenge or two :)

We hope you enjoy your stay at HP House Pride!

*No God Mode Period! Bear in mind that to keep this RP fair we need to try to keep everyone on equal terms as best as possible. Some character fabrication is important but try not to go too overboard. Also bear this in mind while RPing, again it is to keep things fair between members.*

*All members must use proper use of the English language - no text speak or abbreviations "Lyk omgz i jst sn dat guy l8r".
Though the occasional OMG is permitted, not all of your sentences must be in the same way as previously shown.*

*All members must respect others, both from the same and different houses. If there are any racist remarks, derogratory comments, cat-fights or similar the maintainers will not hesitate in removing you from the community and putting you for conisideration of Expulsion.*

*No member must be rude to the maintainers or moderators (teachers). Those who are will be punished as stated above.*

*Please keep posts in this forum RP in nature. Any off topic, icon, fan fiction, etc posts can be posted in the respective forums related to this community. (Listed Above)*

*Please try to keep this community at a PG-13 rating as best you can. I do not feel this is unreasonable since the highest ratings the movies have gotten has been PG-13 in nature.*

*Make sure you Friend this community after you join it. That way you can keep up on all the latest posts. This rule also goes for the other communities as well.*

Head Misstresses: airforcegrrl and velvet_pirate



~All new members will start off as First Years. No arguments, no whining, no excpetions!~
~Please do not try to sway the application process toward the house you want. Said applications will be placed in a hold status until the member makes appropriate changes.~

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